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Middle Valley Families:

We wanted to provide an update to all of you. We still have high hopes of being able to reopen and continue our season games. At this time, we are continuously working with county officials as to the possibility of this happening. We will certainly do all we can. Middle Valley Youth Association looks forward to seeing all our families at the park, and children having fun playing their favorite sports, in the near future. In the meantime, we hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying time together.


You must have permission to use the fields for all organized practices.  Please contact the sport's president.

Concussion Information

Important CONCUSSION information Below!! 

For anyone interested in coaching, assisting coach, umping, being a commissioner, or running for a position on the board at MVYA, completion of the CDC's concussion training is a MUST. Below is a link to the "Heads UP" concussion training now available from the CDC. This on-line turtorial will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and is required before serving in any capacity at MVYA as of January 1, 2014. 

It is part of MVYA's goals to provide safe and secure athletic programs for every child. This is just one more way we want to keep all our kids safe and healthy!! 

PARENTS: when signing up for sports, you will be asked to sign a compliance waiver understanding that MVYA coaches and/or other official representatives will remove your child from play if a concussion is suspected and CAN NOT return without a doctor's release.

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Signups are open online!

Baseball, Softball, and Soccer registration is open online. any questions should be sent to the sport president. We look forward to a great spring.