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The following is the directive that we have received from the county. Please see our News page for the full order. 

1.  Everyone over the age of 12 is required to wear a mask upon entering the park. Once they have reached their chair and are practicing social distancing the mask maybe removed. Anytime that person leaves their chair (IE goes to restroom or concession) they must have a mask on. 

2.  Coaches and officials should wear a mask when off the field or around others.

3.  It is suggested that players wear masks when in the dugout. 

It is part of MVYA's goals to provide safe and secure athletic programs for every child. This is just one more way we want to keep all our kids safe and healthy!!

Concussion Information


Important CONCUSSION information Below!! 

For anyone interested in coaching, assisting coach, umping, being a commissioner, or running for a position on the board at MVYA, completion of the CDC's concussion training is a MUST. Please see the Forms/Training Section to Compete this training. 

PARENTS: when signing up for sports, you will be asked to sign a compliance waiver understanding that MVYA coaches and/or other official representatives will remove your child from play if a concussion is suspected and CAN NOT return without a doctor's release. 


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Signups are open online for 2021 Spring Baseball and Softball!

You must have permission to use the fields for all organized practices.  

Please go to our Board of Directors page for contact information for that sport's president.